How to Choose the Right Cushion Insert

How to Choose the Right Cushion Insert - Hydrangea Lane Home

Choosing the right insert for your cushion really makes all the difference to how it will ultimately look. 

You might think that all cushion inserts are the same, but believe us..... not all cushion inserts are created equal!

Choosing the right insert is just as important as choosing the right cushion cover.

Choose the right cushion insert

Size Matters

If your cushion insert doesn't fill the cushion properly it just looks cheap and flat.

You want your cushion insert to really fill out the cushion cover all the way to the corners and make it look plump and luxurious.  

To do this you need to use an insert that is actually bigger than the cushion cover.  We recommend:

  • for square cushion covers you use an insert that is about 5-6cm or 2" bigger than the cover
  • for rectangular (lumber) cushions you use an insert that is 3-5cm or 1-2" larger than the cover

We offer:

  • 55 x 55cm/22" cushion inserts for our 50 x 50cm/20" square cushion covers
  • 40 x 55cm/16" x 22" for our 35 x 50cm/14"x 20" rectangle cushion covers
Choose the right size cushion insert


Choose the Right Filling

Not all cushion fillings are the same.

Feather Filled Inserts

Feather inserts give your cushion a soft and natural plumpness.  The feather filling will flatten and mould to you when you lean on them.  To keep your cushions looking plump you will need to "fluff" them up regularly.

If you are after the "karate chop" look to your cushions, you will need a feather filled insert.  Our eco filling will just bounce back and not hold the shape of the chop.

Our feather filled inserts contain 100% duck feather, encased in a high thread 100% cotton fabric that is impenetrable to dust mites.  The feather fill offers support and durability.

100% Australian Made and Owned

Feather cushion fill

Eco Filling

Eco inserts give your cushion a plump and full look.  Cushions with an Eco filling will bounce back and hold their shape without having to plump it up all the time.

If you are after the "karate chop" look to your cushions, you will need a feather filled insert.  Eco filling will just bounce back and not hold the shape of the chop.

Eco cushion filling recycled plastic bottles

Eco filling is made from recycled water bottles. The Eco fibre feels and performs the same way as high-grade polyester fibre but every cushion insert saves 25-35 plastic bottles from ending up in land fill.  That's good for the environment.

Eco filling is made from PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate - the type of plastic used to produce beverage packs such as soft drinks and water bottles.

The bottles are sterilised, stripped of their labels and lids ,then shredded into a fluffy mixture ready for use.

Eco filling is non-allergenic and antibacterial. It's recycled and Vegan friendly.

100% Australian Made and Owned

Eco cushion filling recycled water bottles 

We do not sell polyester cushion inserts.  There's already enough plastic in the world.

What's the best insert?

Well it depends.  There's no right or wrong answer.  It's up to you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to be able to shape your cushions and give them the karate chop (feather-filled inserts) or do you want them to look the same all the time (eco-filled inserts)?
  • Are you prepared to fluff up your cushions every time you sit on them (feather-filled inserts) or you can't be bothered - give me something that doesn't need fluffing up (eco-filled inserts)?
  • Do you want natural fibres (feather-filled inserts) or recycled fibres (eco-filled inserts)?

Choosing the right cushion insert

Ordering a Cushion Insert

All our cushion covers are available as cover only.  Meaning you are just buying the cushion cover.

We offer cushion inserts as an optional purchase.  Our cushion inserts are only available for delivery within Australia due to the high cost of postage.  We would love to offer our inserts internationally because we honestly feel they are the best we've found but we just can't.  

When designing your own cushion make sure you have the right cushion inserts.

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Putting a Cushion Insert into a Cover

How to put a cushion cover on

If you are in Australia and order a cushion insert with your cover, we put the insert in for you.

If you have your own insert here are our tips for putting your insert inside the cushion cover:

  1. Open the cushion cover zip all the way open
  2. Start with one corner of the cushion insert and gently ease it into one side of the cushion cover.
  3. Put the second corner inside the cushion cover and ease it in.
  4. Gently manoeuvre the cushion insert inside the cover.  Be gradual and gentle. If you force the insert in, you can tear the stitching or break the zip.  Plump cushion inserts like ours take a little time and care to put them in.
  5. Make sure the top two corners of the insert go all the way to the very corners of the cushion cover.
  6. When the cover is on push the bottom two corners of the cushion insert into the bottom two corners of the cushion cover.
  7. Gently press down on the cushion insert through the opening and pull the bottom edges of the cushion together then gradually zip the opening closed.  Keep pressing down and gently pulling the zip until the cover is closed.  If you quickly force the zip, it can get caught in the seams or insert so gently does it.

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