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Imagine being able to create exactly the cushion you want.  Well now you can.  No more having to settle for what you see at the shops, or feeling too awkward to get a "quote" from an interior designer.

You can choose a fabric, choose your shape and size cushion and choose whether you want piping or a plain edge and it will be custom made for you.

Before you design your cushion, we recommend that you read and follow our tips for:

How to Design Your Custom Cushion

Once you know what you need, designing your custom cushion is easily achieved.  Here's how you do it:

Step 1 - Choose a design - sort by Collection, Colour, Pattern or Scale



Now follow these few steps and your custom cushion is a few clicks away. 

Step 2 - Choose your fabric.  Select one of our base cloths for printing on.

Choose cushion fabric

Step 3 - Choose the Size of your cushion, and whether you want a piped or plain edge.

Choose Cushion Size

Step 4 - Select the exact colour you are after.  As you click on each colour the cushion colour will change so you can see the colour you are ordering.  If in doubt, please request a fabric sample of the design and colour first by visiting the Fabrics page.

Choose cushion colour

Step 5 - If you are after a piped cushion, please select the colour piping you want.  

Choose cushion piping colour

How good is that?  

Then all you have to do is click how many you want and Add to Cart or Buy Now.  

If you have more than one cushion to design, click Add to Cart and design the next one. 

Congratulations - you have just become your own interior designer.

Custom Cushion Blue Hydrangea

How to Choose the Perfect Piping

Many of our customers tell us they love a piped cushion as it looks more sophisticated than a plain edge.  If you are one of those people, then here's how to create the perfect piping for your cushion.

We offer you the choice of having piping in the same fabric as the cushion cover or any of our Perfectly Plain Colours.

Here's what that looks like.....

Self-Piping means the cushion cover will be piped in the same fabric as the cover.  This gives the cushion the polish of a piped finish but it blends in with the main cushion fabric so it does not stand out.

Self piping cushion


Soft Contrast Piping is when you choose a Perfectly Plain colour that is already used in the main fabric design.  This piping will stand out from the main cushion fabric, but in a soft and subtle way.

Soft piping cushion

Maiden Hair Fern Cushion with Eucalyptus piping


Strong Contrast Piping is when you choose a Perfectly Plain colour that is a strong or contrasting tone or colour to what is used in the main cushion fabric.

Contrast piping cushion 

Perfectly Plain Navy Cushion with white piping

The white piping is in strong contrast to the navy blue.  Equally Raspberry Pink or Emerald Green would also make a strong contrast.

Benefits of a custom cushion 

So why go to the trouble of designing your own cushion?  Well, there are many advantages to being your own designer.  Here's why a custom cushion is superior to a store bought.

Pale blue custom cushion collection

With a custom cushion you will get:

  • To choose the design or pattern you want.  
  • The ability to choose the colour piping you want.
  • You can create a co-ordinated collection where the colours and patterns all mix and match.
  • The right size cushion size.  Yes there are other sizes, but the sizes we offer work together and are the most popular choice in most circumstances. 
  • You will have something different and a bit special to anybody else.  Your cushion is not mass produced.
  • Your cushion is handmade with love and care in Australia/New Zealand
  • You will have a beautiful natural cotton canvas or Cotton/Linen furnishing weight fabric that feels good to touch - like really good.
  • Your fabric design is 100% original and not available anywhere else but here, meaning your house is more individual and not just a product of mass production. 

Here's what you need to know and understand about custom made cushions:

  • They take time to make.  That's it - and good things come to those who are prepared to wait.


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