How to Create a Colour Scheme

How to Create a Colour Scheme - Hydrangea Lane Home

Deciding on a colour scheme for your room can be hard but if you follow these simple steps, you'll create a classic colour scheme that's just right for you.

What Colour Personality Are You?

The first step in deciding a colour scheme for your home is to determine what sort of colour personality you are.

Here at Hydrangea Lane Home we help you to create a classic, timeless style home so we have deliberately chosen colours that are easy to live with.  Here are the three colour personalities that we see the most:

Keep It Neutral

Neutral Colour Scheme

Are you a neutrals lover?  The neutrals personality loves all the natural colours and shades.  Whites through the greys to black, and the palest beige through to strong solid browns.

Neutral colour schemes don't use much colour, so they rely on contrasting tones and textures to create interest.


Give Me Colours that are Easy to Live With

Neutral and blue colour scheme

If all neutrals is not colourful enough for you then combine them with colours that are easy to live with.  Use a base of neutrals and add cool shades of blue and green that are calming and relaxing to live with.


Give Me a Pop of Colour


The third colour personality has easy to live with colours or neutrals but includes a "pop" of colour in their rooms.  These pops are usually warmer tones of pinks and greens.

 Pink cushion

How to Create a Colour Scheme

Decide which colour personality suits you and your room the best:

  • Keep It Neutral
  • Give Me Colours that are Easy to Live With
  • Give Me a Pop of Colour

If you are having trouble deciding your colour personality here are 3 things to consider:

  1. Look at the colours you already have in your home - what are your favourites?
  2. Look at the colour clothes you like to wear - what makes you feel good?
  3. Look at the images that you save/like on social media, Pinterest or in books/magazines - which colours are dominant?

What colours are you naturally drawn to?  What colours make you feel relaxed?


How to Create a Colour Scheme

Once you have decided what sort of colour personality you are, select your colour swatches:

Neutrals - Do you prefer whites, blacks and greys or natural beige and browns?

Easy Colours - Do you prefer to live with blues or greens, or are you happy to combine both blues and greens in your room?

Pop of Colour - Do you want to add a pop of pink or warm green to your room?  

Write down the colours you like best.

Using Contrasting Tones

Once you have decided which colour groups you will use, make sure you include contrasting tones.  All our colours have a range of Light, Mid and Deep tones.  You can see our full range of colours here.

Having a variety of tones provides contrast and helps make your colour scheme look more interesting.  Colour schemes without contrasting tones can look 'flat'.

 Mix Colour Tones

Popular Colour Schemes

Here are some of our most popular colour schemes that may inspire you and help you choose the perfect colour scheme for your home.


Blue & White

Blue and white is a classic colour scheme that has withstood the test of time.   Mix up your toes of blue and include plenty of white for contrast.

Blue and White Colour Scheme

Blue & Linen

Combining calming neutrals with easy to live with blues makes a natural and relaxed colour scheme.

Blue and Linen Colour Scheme 


To some neutrals may be boring beige but to others neutrals are cake and peaceful with no bold colours shouting at you.  Include plenty of texture and pattern to keep the scheme from looking flat.

Neutrals Colour Scheme 

Blue & Green

They say blue and green should never be seen together but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Most colour schemes benefit from the inclusion of free even if it's just with flowers and plants.

 Blue and Green Colour Scheme

Pink & Green

Pops of pink brighten the room and make it feel happy and pink pairs beautifully with green.

Pink and Green Colour Scheme 

Now that you have had a good look at your colour personality and what colours you like, come up with a general colour plan for your room.  When selecting your colours make sure you include a mix of tones.

How to Shop by Colour

When you are shopping for fabrics and home decor on Hydrangea Lane Home, you can choose to shop by colour, making it easy to see which designs will work in your room.

Shop by colour blue

On the left hand menu you will see options for colour.  On mobile devices, you may need to turn your phone horizontally to see the menu.  

If you select a colour group such as greens, you will only see designs that are green.  You can be more specific and just choose the exact colour you are looking for such as Eau De Nil.  This makes searching for the colour you want easy.

Shop by colour green

If you are browsing our Cushion Collection you will notice coloured dots under each cushion image if more than one colour is available.  You can click or tap these dots to see the colour you like.

You can also refine your search by choosing the colour or colour group in the left bar menu the same way as with fabrics above.

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How to Create a Colour Scheme for your home