Our Colours



Serenity is a soft pale blue. It feels calm and peaceful.

Cornflower is a clean fresh shade of blue. It's classic like a sapphire.

Breeze is a mid tone blue. It feels fresh like a gentle sea breeze.

Navy is a deep tone blue. It feels strong and crisp.


Eau De Nil is a soft blue based green. It feels understated and elegant with a vintage charm.

Eucalyptus is a mid blue based green, the colour of Australian gum tree leaves. It feels homegrown and rustic.

Leaf is a deep dark green, the colour of evergreen tree leaves. It feels calm and natural.

Elderflower is a light warm green. It feels happy and gives a light green pop.

Moss is a mid-tone warm green. It's an evergreen that feels like nature.

Emerald is a bright and vibrant green. It's bold and really makes a statement.


Peony is a delicate pale pink. It feels soft and feminine.

Tickled Pink is a girly pink. It feels sweet and playful.

Raspberry is a deep pink. It feels vibrant and reminds you of summer.



Linen is a soft natural colour. It feels neutral, calm and relaxing.

Chateaux is a natural mid-beige, the colour of vintage French linen. It feels organic but luxurious.

Twig is a deep natural brown, the colour of a tree branch. It feels earthy and organic.

Dove is a light to medium tone grey. It feels soft like a cloud in the sky.

Koala is a mid tone grey just like the fur of a koala bear. It feels soft and warm.

Graphite is a dark, solid grey. It feels strong but is timeless.

Snow is pure white like snow.

Magnolia is a soft off-white. It's just blushing.

Noir is black like the night sky. A strong and perennial classic.

Screen Colours

Colours Can Look Different on the Screen

Please note that colours on the screen of your computer or mobile device look different to the fabric in real life. They look much nicer when you hold them in your hands. We recommend you purchase a sample prior to ordering meterage, so you can see the colour for yourself.

Colours Will Vary on Different Fabric Bases

Our English cotton linen has an off white background whilst our cotton canvas and outdoor canvas has a white background.

When printed our colours will look softer and more vintage on the English cotton linen, smoother on the cotton canvas and and brighter and more vibrant on the outdoor canvas.

If you are using multiple fabric designs that will be used together, such as a group of cushions on a sofa, we recommend sticking to the same type of base fabric.