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    You can choose to have our fabric designs printed onto a number of different base cloths depending on your needs.  Each fabric has its own characteristics so please read.

    We believe in natural fibre fabrics, and offer both 100% cotton and a cotton/linen mix.  They are beautiful to touch and look at.  

    But living in the Australian sunshine means we also offer an indoor/outdoor canvas which is suitable for indoor use (think window bench seats) or outdoor use (under cover). 



    140cm/55" wide   |   310gsm

    100% cotton

    Our Cotton Canvas is a durable fabric that provides excellent colour reproduction. Being a crisp white makes it the perfect fabric to handle beautiful prints.  It has a lovely soft feel.

    A good all rounder.  Suitable for most of our designs.  Avoid large areas of dark solid colours.

    Colour: White

    Printing: Digital - crisp lines and fine detail

    Use For: Lampshades, Curtains, Cushions that get light to medium use, Tote Bags, Wall hangings/artwork

    Care Instructions: Dry Clean or Gentle Machine Wash

    Shrinkage: Up to 2% on the warp (length) and weft (width)



    138cm/54" wide   |   290gsm

    45% cotton 55% linen

    A classic textile of linen and cotton this luxury fabric has been woven in England providing true heritage to this fabric. A thicker yarn and textured weave adds a beautiful dimension to printed designs.

    The fabric has a slightly open weave, with a beautiful linen texture to touch.  

    Best suited for designs with a white/light background or all over contrasting pattern such as Hydrangea Garden so you can really see the texture.  Has a more subdued vintage feel.

    Colour: Off White

    Printing: Digital - detail and line definition with a more vintage feel.

    Use For: Curtains, Lampshades, Cushions that get light use.  Not suitable for upholstery or cushions that get heavy/everyday use.

    Care Instructions: Dry Clean or Gentle Machine Wash

    Shrinkage: Up to 3% on the warp (length), and up to 2% on the weft (width).



    140cm/55" wide   |   480gsm

    100% polyester 



    Our Outdoor Canvas is our strongest and most robust fabric that is suitable for both residential and commercial upholstery and accessories.  The fabric looks like our 100% cotton canvas but has the durability and colour vibrancy of polyester.

    Best suited for most of our designs especially those with large sections of solid colour, especially dark colours.

    Colour: White

    Printing: Dye Sublimation (heat-transfer) Brighter colours with a slightly softer line/definition

    Use For:  Commercial & Domestic Upholstery (Martindale 45,000), Cushions that get medium to heavy use or are outdoors under cover.

    Care Instructions: Machine Washable

    Being polyester, some pilling might occur over time which can be removed.  Regular vacuuming (or banging the cushion to remove dust) can reduce this.



    Our English cotton linen has an off white background whilst our cotton canvas and outdoor canvas have a white background.  

    When printed our colours will look softer and more vintage on the English cotton linen, smoother on the 100% cotton,  and brighter and more vibrant on the outdoor canvas.


    If you are using multiple fabric designs that will be used together, such as a group of cushions, we recommend sticking to the same type of base fabric.


    Our fabric printer prints to the highest standards, but printing is not exact.

    Linen and cotton are a natural fabric and may contain subtle imperfections such as slubs, small knots and yarn variation. These are characteristic of fibres derived from seeds and plants. These imperfections are inherent in buying linen and cotton fabrics.

    As the fabric is used/wears the slubbing or lumps in the yarn may move around and reveal tiny un-printed areas underneath, known as a printing dot.  Whilst our printing process is very good, we are working with a natural product, so these small imperfections cannot be prevented.

    These imperfections are more noticeable on solid areas of darker colours such as navy and graphite.  If you are ordering a fabric with a solid dark colour background, the imperfections are more noticeable on linen and cotton,  so outdoor canvas may be a better choice.

    If you are unsure which fabric is best, please ask us.  Please always order a sample prior to ordering meterage.

    Washing Guide

    To wash your fabrics here's what you should know....

    Cotton and linen will shrink the first time you wash it.  More on the warp (length) than the weft (width).  

    The biggest contributing factors to shrinkage are heat and friction.  So if you are going to wash your covers - COLD or warm (up to 30C - not hot water) wash and a GENTLE (low spin speed) or HAND wash (no wringing - just drip dry) then a good iron to get the creases out.  This will give you the best result.


    Our cotton and linen fabrics are digitally printed in Australia.  What is digital printing and why is it better?

    • Digital printing is a specialist wide format printer that transfers fabric design files on the computer directly onto fabric.  It's just like printing files from your laptop to your home printer, but on fabric instead of paper.
    • Create unique fabrics in a range of colours and designs.  Traditional printing methods have larger set up costs and larger minimum print runs.  Digital printing can print just one metre of fabric at a time which means we can offer you a greater selection of colours and designs, giving you the opportunity to have a unique piece of fabric rather than only mass produced prints.
    • Better colours and clearer printing. With digital printing, what you see is what you get, so if you see a design in an image, you can be sure that the colour and print would be exactly the same when the fabric has been printed.  With traditional methods such as screen printing colours will vary from batch to batch and you often get misprints from the screen.
    • Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing. Digital fabric printing involves very low power and water consumption compared to conventional printing, meaning less pollution to the environment. Our fabrics are printed with water-based inks, and as we only print what we need to, there is little or no fabric waste. 

    You can read more about Digital Printing in our Journal