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    Hydrangea Lane Home offers a collection of mix and match fabrics and cushions, so lovers of classic timeless style can easily create a beautiful home. 

    Hydrangea Lane Home


    Hydrangea Lane Home takes the frustration out of interior decorating by giving you a complete range of mix and match fabrics and cushions in classic colours and designs, and all natural fibres.

    All our fabrics and cushions are designed to go together making it easy to mix and match colours and patterns in your home.

    Our designs are created using original artwork commissioned especially for us.  Our range has beautiful watercolour florals, intricate geometrics, and simple stripes, checks and spots that all work together.



    You always hear people say, just change your cushions and you'll create a whole new look in your room.  Well the reality is, it may sound simple but it's not that easy.

    You may go shopping for a blue patterned cushion, but you can't find the 'right' shade of blue.  Even if you do find one, it's then really hard to find other designs such as a stripe or check that have that same colour blue in it.  You leave the shop frustrated and empty handed.

    We know that frustration, so we've created a classic colour palette across all our designs.  All our colours work together, making it easy for you to put together a collection. Mix and match or mix and clash - it's up to you.

    Mix and match cushions

    All our fabrics can be custom made into cushions so you get exactly what you need for your home plus we have a small selection of ready made cushions for when you just want one or two and want it straight away.


    One of the best ways to transform your home into a welcoming and relaxing space and make it uniquely yours is by using beautiful fabrics and home furnishings.

    A cushion collection adds life to a sofa.

    A custom fabric lampshade brightens a plain lamp.

    Reupholstering a vintage chair creates a piece of furniture that is uniquely yours.

    The problem with store bought cushions, is you can't just ask for an extra metre or two of fabric, so it's nearly impossible to make any soft furnishings to co-ordinate with the cushion you bought.

    Of course, you can always go through an interior designer, but you may find that a little intimidating or just expensive when the quote comes through.

    Being able to buy fabric by the metre gives you so much more control and flexibility with your home decorating. 

    At Hydrangea Lane Home you can order any of our designs in the colour of your choice as fabric by the metre, so you can create exactly the home decor you are after.  

    Create your own cushion

    We partner with skilled artisans who can help you turn your dreams into a reality.  We offer any of our fabrics custom made into cushions or lampshades.   And because you can buy the fabric you can always find a local upholsterer or curtain maker to complete the look you are after.

    Normally you’d have to go to an interior designer to get custom made but we’re bringing custom design online making it accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

    Using custom fabrics allows you to create your own decor, giving you more personal and unique pieces to make your home different and a bit special.  Stop being a slave to mass production.

    Hydrangea Lane Home Blue and White


    Hi I’m Kylie and I’m the Creative Director behind Hydrangea Lane Home.  I am passionate about creating a beautiful home.  One that you love and it loves you back.  Where you feel happy and relaxed.

    I want to inspire you to:

    • Live Beautifully
    • Love Your Home
    • and Make Everyday Life Special

    Hydrangea Lane Home is a relaxed classic, timeless style.  It’s about slow living and simple everyday pleasures.

    When I’m not designing, you’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest where I share my own home and inspiration from others.  Ideas for how I try to live a more beautiful and happy life at home, and make the everyday more special.  This involves plenty of flowers and botanicals, scented candles, a good dose of blue and white, and home decor that has been crafted, collected and curated.

     Create your own home furnishings


    I have been an interior designer since 1998 (I’m old).  In the past 30 years, I’ve run my own interior design practice, opened Little People’s Linen (a boutique shop specialising in nurseries and children’s rooms), and taught interior decorating at TAFE.  I’ve  spent the last 5 years running the successful home decorating blog DIY Decorator, helping people learn how to decorate. 

    In my decor coaching sessions, I found it easy to recommend furniture and home decor items for clients to buy, but when it came to putting together a collection of cushions it was much harder.  I’d find a nice cushion, but there was nothing to co-ordinate it with.  

    Even worse, I couldn’t just get a metre or two of fabric to make a lampshade or cover a piece of furniture.  There were plenty of fabrics available through interior designers, but not much around that people could buy direct and get furnishings made.

    I was helping a client with a bay window seat.  She wanted a bench cushion, scatter cushions, curtains and some lampshades for the bedside tables.  I imagined a beautiful hydrangea print and co-ordinating stripes and checks in soft blues and a natural linen colour.  I had the vision in my head, but there was nowhere I could send her to get it.  I thought, if only I could print my own fabric.  

    From that moment the seed was planted in my head, and I started the process of creating my own fabric collection that anyone could buy.  After months of hard work, Hydrangea Lane Home was born.

    So now I run Hydrangea Lane Home from my studio in a 1930’s Queenslander home in Brisbane, Australia.  

    Kylie from Hydrangea Lane Home


    When you come home, you need to relax and feel comfortable.   Sit on the sofa, put your feet up, and feel good.  Feel the natural texture of linen and cotton on your skin.  Enjoy seeing designs in beautiful colours that make you smile.

    Imagine running your hand across rolls of beautiful linen and cotton fabric lined up against the wall.  Then imagine sinking into plump feather filled cushions made in that beautiful fabric.  It's the simple pleasures in life!  And life is too short to sit on polyester.


    Hydrangea Lane Home Natural Fabrics


    Hydrangea Lane home prides itself on being an Australian sustainable and eco friendly business.  

    In these modern times our planet is filled with waste and pollution.  We are stepping back to a time when products were natural and organic rather than plastic.  

    • We offer natural fabrics in linen and cotton.  
    • Our fabrics are digitally printed which is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing (read more about digital printing).
    • We use as much natural and recycled packaging as possible, such as Kraft paper, cardboard from sustainable sources, and eco friendly cellophane (not plastic) bags which are natural plant products and biodegradable or compostable.
    • We are 100% Australian and nearly all our products and packaging are Australian made and owned too (apparently we don't make zips in Australia?)


    Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you’re here.  You’ll find plenty of inspiration, practical how-to’s and beautiful products.  Feel free to look around and say hello.