How to Choose the Right Lampshade Ring Size

How to Choose the Right Lampshade Ring Size - Hydrangea Lane Home

When ordering one of our beautiful lampshades, it's important that you choose the right lampshade ring size.  Here's how to do that.

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The ring of the lampshade is the part you slide over the lamp base.  On your lamp base you take out the bulb and unscrew the holder so you can slip the lampshade on and secure it to the base.

Lampshade ring size

The ring size you need on your lampshade is determined by the fitting on your lamp base.

There are 2 main sizes in Australia:

1. Australian standard fitting which has a ring size of 29mm

2. European fitting which has a ring size of 42mm

Lampshade ring sizes

The ring size is the diameter of the internal ring.

Lampshade washer size

A 29mm ring will fit securely on an Australian standard fitting lampshade but is too small for a European fitting and will not fit on the base.

Lampshade washer size European fitting

A 42mm ring will fit a European lamp base securely but is too big for an Australian fitting and the lampshade will not sit properly without an adapter.

lampshade adapter

A lampshade adapter clips onto a European ring, converting it to an Australian ring.  You can purchase them online or at lighting stores.  We use this one from Online lighting

It is best to order the correct size ring base for your lamp base, but if in doubt, you can order the larger European size and add an adapter if you need it.

Our lampshades are available as both Tapered Lampshades and Drum Lampshades in any of our original fabrics.

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