How a Gate in Greece became a Fabric

How a Gate in Greece became a Fabric - Hydrangea Lane Home

Here at Hydrangea Lane Home, all our designs are created especially for us.  We work with talented artists and graphic designers to create original patterns and designs based on our ideas.

In July 2018, I was lucky enough to enjoy two weeks in the Greek Isles.  It's a beautiful part of the world with such relaxed and friendly people.

One afternoon I took a walk through the back streets of Skiathos Old Town (one of the locations where Mumma Mia was filmed!).  I love walking down the small narrow laneways dodging the odd motorbike that comes flying by.  As I walked, I was peering through the gates to catch a glimpse of what life is like for the locals in their home.

Skiathos Greece

I could smell the aroma of fresh garlic, and there were pots of fresh herbs in every garden. What is life like behind the gate?  I found myself snapping photos of gates and doorways on my phone.

A few months later I was back home and working on my new fabric designs.  I wanted a trellis design that was more than just diagonal lines and diamonds.  Then I remembered the gates and doors of Skiathos in Greece.

I scrolled through my phone looking at all the photos, taking a trip down memory lane as you do with holiday photos.  Then I saw the gate I was looking for.  The Greek Gate in Skiathos.

 Greek Gate Skiathos

I loved the mix of curves and straight lines.  The way it looks like a flower where the ovals intersect each other.  I could just see this little white gate as a fabric design.  So with the help of my talented graphic designer, we were able to turn this gate into a fabric pattern.

We made 2 versions of this design.  A simple coloured version, and a Rustic version which has a rough border and texture to the print. 

 Greek Gate Navy Cushion

Greek Gate Solid Navy Cushion

Greek Gate Navy Custom Cushion and Lamp shade

Greek Gate Custom Cushion

Greek Gate Custom Tapered Lamp Shade

Greek Gate Rustic Blue Cushion

Greek Gate Rustic Blue Cushion

Greek Gate Rustic Custom Drum Lampshade

I hope you like the Greek Gate trellis design as much as I do.  You can see more of Greek Gate here.  All our designs are available as fabric, custom cushions and custom lampshades.